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Roma Group is one of the most significant and largest construction companies of Northern Mexico. The founders, the Martinez Family, have been in Real Estate development since 1971. Roma Group maintains a commitment of quality and excellence in home construction, industrial development, and shopping center construction.  Roma Group has directed more than 60 projects of construction and development in 10 cities in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango and in the United States- Texas and New Mexico.

In El Paso, Texas, Roma Homes Inc. initiated its expansion in 1997 with the development of the Los Cerritos Gated Community, which has  remarkable views of the Franklin Mountains. While in the process of developing the Los Cerritos Community, Roma Homes envisioned the need for affordable housing and in 2001 developed numerous subdivisions for this market. Now Roma Homes Inc. covers all areas of home construction, from custom-built homes to entry-level homes. With the success of the home development projects, Roma Homes found the necessity to open a real estate company,  Roma Realty.

Minerva Al-Tabbaa